5 Tips on How to Go On a Last Minute Girls Trip

Check out these simple tips on taking a last minute Girls Trip

I recently went to the movies and saw Girls Trip and I’ve been raving about it on my twitter page since.

See, Ryan Pierce (played by Regina Hall) was able to afford for all her friends to attend Essence Fest. However, thats not me so, let’s get down to business. Two years ago I went on a semi last minute girls trip and my pockets felt it. I’ve said this plenty of times before “have a travel bank account” or a stash were you save solely for traveling. What I didn’t tell you is why this became a necessity for me.

So what do you do when you go on a last minute trip? what do you do when people bail out on a trip last minute? well, this happened to me.

This definitely happened to me;  I was faced with either paying the full ticket amount as if it was two people and go alone or ask someone else if they wanted to attend. Luckily enough I had a friend who was ready.
Sometimes, you may not be so lucky and have to pay out of pocket or take the lost. Here are somethings I learned from some of my hasty decision making that maybe you want to learn from.

Tip 1: Charging the girls trip  on my credit card

Hear me out- I had the funds in my account for the trip and decided to pay it when it post. Great idea right?! yes and no… this was also around the time I was apartment hunting in NYC. So what I learned from this is get an account or make a budget solely for traveling. You can avoid your funds getting lost in the pool of life.

Tip 2: Stay within your budget

Before you leave for your trip you might have an urge to go out and shop. All to spend money you don’t have thus stressing yourself out just to have brand new clothes to impress who exactly?! (ahem Sasha… tuck in those tags girl)
I’ve been traveling for years and one thing I’ve realized is that I don’t have to pack a lot of things to feel like I have a lot of options. Matter of fact I just need to pack what I want to feel like. I.e comfortable, dressy, beach attire. once I’ve figured that out packing is simple.  If by chance I find that I need an item its okay because I’m not purchasing a full suitcase worth of clothes.
This also avoids the over packing and wearing half the clothes you bring with you.
Tip 3: Go With a budget
I am a adventure, excursion kind of lady thus I have to make that part of any trip. Therefore research the excursions in advance and set aside what you can afford and thats it.
Tip 4: Share The Cost
See if there’s anything you and your friends can split in cost
You don’t want to come back to financial stress so make sure you’ve separated your money for your bills, pay them before you go or set up an auto payment. The key is to know how much you have to work with while on your girls trip.

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  • Reply Diana Thompson October 2, 2017 at 5:54 am

    This is such a good list of tips – especially that last one! Nothing worse than coming home on a high and having it instantly quashed by a huge stack of bills. x

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