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Hi Everyone, my name is Renee but you can call me Nay. NaysVoice is a place where I share a piece of my life in pursuit of me
#ActivelyLIVING  and #LivingACTIVELY. This mantra stems from several different concepts one of which I will share with you. It’s the conscious decision to be purposefully present in your life. I believe the core of this is in the mind; through self-awareness and reflection you’ll be able to find your bliss in the midst of it all and allow it to blaze a trail for you. I’m sharing my journey and experiences in the hopes it will inspire and ignite positive motivation in your life, to break you out of your cocoon and try new adventures while tackling this thing called life.

Many of us are doing a lot in life and can feel the pressures of this journey. So, let’s talk, share and grow together on this journey called life.

P.S We’re all trying to figure it out, lets do it together.

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