Black Friday Deals Won’t Put Me in the Red

Black Friday is right around the corner and before I could forget about it my inbox was flooded with emails about sales, promo and door-busting deals.

Do you participate in Black Friday deals?

I remember the first time I went out for Black Friday, it was me and my friend D. We left right after we had thanksgiving dinner. It was cold and I MEAN REALLY COLD. We camped out all night outside of the electronic store all so he could get his items half off. I remember purchasing one item from a clothing store and a dvd. Every Black Friday after that I’ve only gone for the experience and memories with my friends and family.

With financial goals in mind, I’ve decided not be apart of the Black Friday craze and allow myself $50 to shop. Considering I have my birthday trip coming up it’s the best thing for me to do. I had to think, what do I really want, honestly nothing major really. The only recent thing I wanted to purchase was a pair of shoes and a matching purse. So, for Black Friday I’ll check the site to see if it goes on sale, if not I’ll wait until my favorite time to shop for clothes start which is the “end of the season”.

I know you’ve heard this from me before from my Youtube videos on how I snag bargains. Remember purchased my black twill dress from Old Navy for $.94 when the original price was $20-$25 dollars. So, I plan to share with you below how I plan to enjoy Black Friday and stick to my goal.

So, why shop on Black Friday?

In my opinion, Black Friday is usually good for those looking for high end electronics. However, for fashion or lifestyle / home decor Black Friday is not my ideal day to shop.

Stick to the Plan: Set a budget and stick to it. I find that people (some of my friends) go out  on Black Friday without a plan but with an open wallet.  With the mindset “it’s a deal”. No! Stop it! don’t help companies go in the black while making your bank account go into the red. Nope! thats not the smartest thing to do. Therefore, research what you want, give yourself some financial wiggle room just incase you see something else in the low price range you like and thats it.

Lets Get Physical: Well a physical store that is, I prefer shopping in store especially now the stores are opening for Black Friday course earlier then they did in the past. I know what you’re thinking the Black Friday deals are available online, why should  I bear the cold.  Honestly, I’ve found that often times the store have items in-store  that might be sold out online. Also, the benefit to being there is if you find an item online, but its not in store you can see about getting a rain check.

Avoid the Black Friday Door Busting: My next tip is for you and certainly not me, which is shop online. I rarely shop online and that is due to the fact I want my items instantly once there’s an exchange of money for goods in play. With that being said, if you shop online use services like ebates or a reward/cash back system so that you are also getting some form of a return.

Well, thats about it guys. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and stay tune to see what I brought for under $50. Until then, I’ll be #ActivelyLIVING and #LivingACTIVELY (and saving while I do so).


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