Black light Slide

Blacklight Slide

If you’re wondering where I’ve been these past few months, I’ve actually have been exploring New York City. Since I knew I wouldn’t have time for a lengthy trip I decided to stay local. Last year I attended the Black light slide and had such a great time that when it returned this year I knew I wanted to go again and bring more friends. However, this year I was underwhelmed.

The event started around 5pm and allows time for check in and checking out the different vendors. I was hoping that this year they would bring out more slides, unfortunately that was not the case- which resulted in very long lines and impatient people. That was the beginning of the day not going so well.  The time spent on the line is not an exaggeration- I wish it was. There was no staff regulating the lines, which allowed for individuals to skip. `Did I mention it started to rain, lol – yes but that part wasn’t terrible since I was going to get wet anyway.

Honestly would I return back.. nope

To make this event satisfactory, would be for them to be a bit more organized by hiring more people to assist slide goers, bring additional slide or water activities to occupy people time as they go from one slide attraction to next. They may even want to consider a VIP whist band that allows people to be on a separate line or have access to their own slide.

Overall, my experience wasn’t the best what helped was the after party- which was a blast!. Below is some clips of my adventure.

What You Need to Know

Price $20-50 early but price I $15 it covers swag sticker, small Black light towel. via groupon

You can buy a water tube , glow in the dark liquid paint. Me and my friends purchased everything online and at Five Below.


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