Creating The Space I Imagined, Now!

I’ve been home for the past few months and had the opportunity to look around my apartment. To my surprise I was no longer super excited to be in this space. When I first moved in, I was filled with so much excitement for my first apartment. Centered around creating the space I imagined with mood board inspirations from Pinterest and remember episode I suet watch on HGTV. However as I looked around, that space I imagined was not present because it was still in my min! Weird part is that the current “created space” didn’t even look like how I had at a year ago. Which made me realize I was working a lot in the past year and my room was a reflection of one of the things I wasn’t taking care of. So, as I laid on my bed this morning with the sun being the only source of vibrancy, my room was bland. Bland like none seasoned food. So it was time to change it.

Since I’ve been on the journey of not purchasing unnecessary things to assign my funds to other areas and live minimally. I found that in combination of working more and not being in my space. My minimal living had no personality anymore and that was not the plan. In my eyes minimal living in my space was to have just what I needed verses what I didn’t need. I thought to myself, how did I get here? My number one excuse was I’m busy working so, “I don’t need to buy it or I’m barely home any way”. Well that is no longer the case , I’m home every single day and now I’m feeling the impact of not having a space that gives off the energy I want. You know, the type of energy that invites you in, it tells you to stay a while whilst in the midst of getting those creative juices flowing. Working from home allowed me moments to think, if creating the space I imagined is possible in the apartment I’m in or should I wait for that perfect space.

Should I wait?

Can you hear me already talking myself out of it. Yeah! I’ve been working on the BS/negative thoughts I had and not letting them win. So I quickly shut it down and decided not to wait for the perfect living space and to create the space I imagined now full of light and pops of color. Since the NYC is shut down that meant going through what I already had in my apartment to find what I could repurpose. I was looking for linens, comforters, picture frames even scrap paper. The motto for me was if it fits with the mood then it can be used.

Identifying what my space needs to be.

While brainstorming I knew I had to section a work space since sitting on my bed with a laptop for eight plus hours is not the best for my body. So operation create a multi functional space was in effect. In the office my desk doesn’t get much sunlight. So I was super excited to having s much sunlight my laptop glare would allow me to have while I worked. The sun gives me a burst of energy in the morning which helps in my productivity. In addition to that I went ahead and curated my room color scheme around a painting I did. Resulting in my color scheme going from only grey, white and yellow to adding pops of blue and green. I then played with texture and patterns to help bring in the cozy feel.

Use what you have!

Creating a new space for myself didn’t cost much because I repurposed items I had around my apartment already. I started by focusing on the layout and worked around my major furniture piece, my bed. From there I found an old quilt that belongs to my mom still in its packaging (thank you mommy for over shopping). So I now had a brand new item free of cost to me. I followed that with using the bedding covers and pillows to add some personality to my bed scene of yellow and blues. If you can tell me how to keep them fluffy beyond me not laying on them, that would be helpful.

Make a small purchase

Next on my list was to purchase a desk. I was in need of one considering using my dining room table or on occasion my pillows wasn’t very comfortable. Knowing that, I was on a hunt for a specific size desk because my bedroom isn’t that large. After taking my measurements I started searching the internet and found this desk that comes in a few different colors. White was the best one for me and price from Walmart. I later received an Ikea chair as a gift that matched perfectly. Later, purchased from my local grocery store is “Petey the Plant”. To add some finishing touches a wall calendar from Dollar tree was added. Along with a clothing rack from local discount store and other accessories for the wall and storage space. All together I spent under $100 for this room upgrade.

This was actually fun to do and I’m glad I decided to actively do something about my room space. Since I made the change I’ve found myself in my room more, enjoying the airiness and sunlight throughout the day. This helps me with my mood, especially on intense work days by just taking a moment to glimpse out my window. Remembering that there is still a world out there filled with so much and momentary feelings will pass. Then I’d probably break out in song or dance to add to the good vibes.

Are you currently living in the space you want? If not, can you create it?


  • Reply Joanna July 5, 2020 at 8:30 am

    Love the transformation! Your desk corner is cute.

  • Reply Nay July 6, 2020 at 9:34 pm

    Thank you, I was ready for a change. It great being able to make my vision come forth and let in the light (in more ways then one). It really makes a difference

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