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Exploring Brooklyn for Free Flicks on the Beach

Flicks on the Beach at Coney Island

This summer has been filled with impromptu events and trips. Have you ever planned out your day and something comes along and completely switches your schedule around? – well, that is exactly what happened to me last weekend.

Since summer is coming to an end I decided to close it the same place I opened it this year at Coney Island. My focus this summer was to ensure that I had a great time, stick to a budget and explore my own backyard. I accomplished that and I’m here to share it with you and hopefully for the last few weeks of summer and the next two seasons to follow you’ll join me in actively pursuing the next adventure.

Honestly not traveling via plane out of NYC this summer gave me the opportunity to go back to my roots and remember all the things I wanted to check out. So I called up my friend Trai and off we went. Parked the car and we walked towards the boardwalk. We even saw a couple taking wedding pictures in front of Nathan’s! We passed by Coney Island walls which was blocked off as they were getting ready for Ja Rule( 90s kids). Our intention was to end the trip with Coney Cones gelato but we came across Flicks on the Beach.

Honestly, I didn’t even know Coney Island had films on the beach but I will say this, it was a perfect way to end my summer.  I even called two more of my friends to come out and we made it a girls night out. We had chairs, blankets and snacks. We had a great view and I’m already looking forward for next year line up. Below are the details you need to know so you don’t miss next years line up.

Information click here

Fee: Free

Location: On the sand in the middle of the the boardwalk/beach. You can’t miss it.

View the video down below to see how I was #ActivelyLIVING and  #LivingACTIVELY this summer while in Coney Island.

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