SMCS: Modest Chic Fashion is Possible

What has the past year of Shop My Closet Series (SMCS) taught me?

First thing, my style is modest, minimal, bold and chic.

Being modest is not about hiding my imperfections, its about me being comfortable and creative in what I wear. I’m not saying you won’t see me in a bathing suit, I’m saying I like playing with colors, cuts and don’t really care to have all parts of me showing. I enjoy bold patterns and colors when I pair it against my staples.

Second,is that I don’t shop much.

I really and truly don’t but I have been forced to pay attention more to the quality of my clothes, how I take care and replace them.

Third, I saved more money because I spent less.

I was able to focus on paying off credit cards and put my money in other things that are important to me, like taking an impromptu trip.

During this time I focused more on my Youtube channel by bringing forth more visual content. Each season I rolled out fashion videos as part of my Shop My Closet Series.  I realized that I felt my best when I’m in chic, girly even modest fashion pieces. You know the saying, “when you look great, you’ll feel great”; and Shop My Closet series has helped me to get up on days that I’m not feeling like it to face the task that I might have to handle. Below, I’m showing you a couple of my outfits from each season that I think you’ll enjoy. Definitely check out my youtube playlist to see where I purchased my goodies.

modest fashion

I’m excited to see what this year will be as I’m starting a NO buy from April- September. I’m already two months into the year and am ready to spruce up what I have. Stay tune!

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