wearing polka dot to work as plus size

Simple Ways to wear Polka Dot at Work

A simple thought… polka dots

Have you ever wanted to try fashion trends but felt like you didn’t want to invest in a new wardrobe. Considering well… you may  already have a wardrobe full of stuff you’re not wearing. Or, maybe you’re like me, who don’t want to spend an obscene amount of money per season on a new wardrobe but still want to feel stylish. For me, I wanted to randomly wear polka dot at work.  The polka dot print is a classic print, a lot like strips that comes in different variations throughout the fashion seasons.  Some create beautiful classy looks and some are more playful both represent the versatility of the print.

During the Fall season I find it a bit more easier to get my “fix” without going overboard in the category of finance. I believe you don’t have to sacrifice finance for fashion.

Fall fashion idea on simple black polka dots and white outfit on black girl fall with a pop of yellow color

On Sunday nights I usually find myself thinking about what outfits I’ll be wearing for the work week. I think about how I can incorporate some trendy pieces that are still work appropriate. This week I decided to wear polka dot at work. Polka dot are not always a flattering pattern depending on the size, material and color. As polka dots are sometimes associated with casual or juvenile attire. Which, is why it is very important to consider these factors when purchasing it as a plus size female. Thus when I wear polka dot at work, I had to consider the the cut, color and piece I wanted to purchase and pair it with.

When purchasing pattern pieces that I’m unfamiliar with, I tend to get them in neutral colors. Getting it in a neutral color allows me to use it as a base of how I’ll create my outfit around it. Thus never losing my sense of style but still achieving the look I was going for. A few years ago I decided to purchase this black and white polka dot skirt and found myself only wearing it a few times since then. During my No Buy challenge of Shop My Closet, I realized that I wasn’t getting much out of this skirt.

How Wear Polka Dot  at Work

This skirt comes to my knees, has a lot of stretch and the polka dot pattern isn’t over the top. I decided to pair it with some opaque stocking and ankle boots. By matching my stocking color with my boots and skirt made the outfit look seamless. Imagine if I wore sheer stocking, I would still be weather appropriate but that would be drawing unnecessary attention to my legs. I also added a white collared shirt underneath my black peplum top and added a simple gold necklace as an accessory.  For a pop of color I added my mustard yellow hat and scarf.  You can style this up in so many different ways, a red blazer would look nice or even a waist belt. There’s so many options!


Fall fashion idea on simple black polka dots and white outfit on black girl fall with a pop of yellow color


Outfit Details

Skirt: Old  Navy

Boots: Old Navy

Top: Pretty Girls peplum and white shirt is Old Navy

 Purse: Christian Soriano for Payless

Accessory : Charlotte Russe


Remember even in your style you can be purposeful and intentional. Use what you have to create the style that you want.  I will continue on #ActivelyLiving and #LivingActively in everything that I do (one step (outfit) at a time). Until next time, enjoy your day.



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