Shhhhh its a Party…… Quiet Clubbing

Have you gone clubbing before?

Have you ever done it quietly?

Well I have – twice. My first experience was while I was on a cruise ship. The second time was just this summer with Quiet Events.

Who’s at the party?

Everyone! They cater to all; families, youth groups, 2os, 30s, 40s and up. Basically if you can get yourself there and are ready to party; this event is for you.

When I heard about this event in NYC I was totally excited and guess what else… it was FREE! Not only was I able to have a great time all I had to do was get myself there. Quiet Events have different party options for all. If you’re a parent looking for something that is both entertaining and active for the entire family this is it. If your looking for something fun to do with your female friends or even a date. Yes, I said date, because not all of the events are free. The location of the parties vary per event. During the summer season they took advantage of many of the water fronts and rooftop clubs around the city. Whereas during the colder months, Quiet Events have their parties indoors, usually at a club.

Below are some things you should expect

  1. Your should always reserve in advance. Many of their events sell out, so its in your best interest to sign up in early.
  2. Be prepared with your credit to be used as insurance ($100) for the headphones. Once the headphones are return; the $100 hold on your account will be as well.
  3. Bring snacks.
  4. Expect a lot of people and be ready to meet some new friends.
  5. Be ready to work up a sweat- because you’ll be dancing like no one is watching.

Video coming Soon- Check out my video down below to see part of my experience there.



Until next time continue on this journey of #ActivelyLIVING while #LivingACTIVELY.

Have you tried Quiet Clubbing yet?

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