Shop My Closet | Fall Season Finale

Shop My Closet Series | Fall Season Finale

Here is another Shop my Closet post to add to my plus size Fall season series.

Shopping my closet have been a really great way for me to find out what currently fits, what is still in good condition, what I should donate and replace. Doing this allows me to check inventory of what I have and save money since I know exactly what I’m going to buy verses trying to purchase on a whim.  This can definitely save you money in the end because your clothes are seen as investments. Currently I’ve been looking into different pieces of better quality clothing to ensure they would keep longer.

I would never forget the day I had mentally prepared my outfit. I said to myself the night before “I’m going to wear my black leggings with my long sweater”. The next morning I went to grab those leggings and they were falling apart. I realize I had to re-up on legging for the up coming season.

Outfit #1-Floral 

Blouse: Forever 21

Jeans: Liverpool (5 years old)

Booties:  Rainbow Shops $5 Clearance

Bag: Target


Outfit #2-Burgundy Print 

Top: Old Navy

Jeans: Liverpool (5 years old)

Booties:  Rainbow Shops $5 Clearance

Outfit #3- Blue and Orange 

Dress:Old Navy

Blazer: Target Style

Booties:  Old Navy

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