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Summer Budget while Enjoying New York City

I’m still on my no buy financial/budget challenge and it has truly been a challenge. I can honestly say that I’ve had good days and some bad. My biggest issue I found was food and if I don’t plan accordingly I would end up buying all three of my meals for the day. Living and working in New York City, that’s at least $30 a day. For five days is $150 a week, each month, equals $600 a month. Nope, I’m not doing it! In order for me to enjoy my summer on a budget I had to definitely think creatively.

black girl at new york city smorgasburg in summer day

To avoid spending on some days, I would drive  straight home from work to avoid stopping for food. I’ve been working on my discipline. After some evaluation, I realize that I had to loosen the reins a bit and gave myself a budget to allow myself to dine out twice a month.

This past summer activities focused on having fun, because hey it’s about me Actively Living and Living Actively right?! and I don’t like my money to be the reason why that doesn’t happen.  This past weekend I had the  opportunity to go to Smorgasburg, have you been? its pretty popular here in New York City. There’s two locations, one in Brooklyn, New York in Prospect park and Williamsburg. Smorgasbord has over 100 vendors for you too choose from.  This is not a place you wear heels to and comfortable footwear is the way to go. Seating is available however, there is usually a line to get in since seating in limited.  I drove there and parking was’t bad, however if you can grab a cab, go right ahead.

I literally went with $20 dollars and definitely enjoyed it and got to experience so much food. The great part about it is you get to get food from different places and get a taste of the culture. So don’t settle on not going out, when budgeting or being financial savvy with your money. Plan accordingly, bring a friend and enjoy!

Continue in actively living and living actively 🙂 check out my past summer activities that are easy on the pockets here.

Smorgasbord in New York City adventures

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