The Importance of Having A Tribe

How important is it to have a tribe?

Have you ever heard the the African Proverbs that says ” it take a village to raise a child”? did you ever think… what about when that child become an adult? What do they do then? do they go and become another villager whose  job is to help raise another child? When does this cycle stop? or what does the adult do when they’re no longer a child?

I’m here to share my theory and how its become full circle! – Let’s chat

I believe that it does take a village to raise a child and a tribe to help mold and support an adult.- Renee B (NaysVoice) 

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ooh new word …tribe! yes! we’ve moved from village to tribe. 

So why tribe, well its simple.. tribes were made to help other people within the community survive, thrive and get all the resources they all may need. As I got more comfortable in me being an adult I realize that having a core set of people who have similar goals in life are truly important. These are those you confide in, help when there’s a need and push to the next level when needed. These people can come from anywhere, so be open!
 Believe it or not, you can be a part of many groups/circles and still not have a set of genuine people who will be there for you and you for them (remember its a two way street, everyone has to do their part in the tribe).what is a tribe?
According to merriam webster a tribe is a group of persons having a common character, occupation, or interest.
 I’ll even take it one step further and say that these persons preserve their tribe and work towards a common goal.

What are some important elements you should have in you’re tribe? bare in mind these elements anyone in it can posses when the moment arises.


So lets think about this

Ask yourself what is it that you need? Who are you doing life with currently? The tribe is there to help you in areas you are lacking in.  So who is part of your tribe? I am glad to have two incredible ladies in my tribe that I’m building with. They push me-  by them being authentically themselves and for that I am truly inspired and grateful.

No relationship should be draining on either party (iron sharpen iron) So check yourself, assess your core group, move forward and be intentional.

Until next time, I’ll be #LivingACTIVELY and #ActivelyLIVING.

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