The More I Shop, The More I Save

If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been more active on Instagram and youtube than my blog, it’s really simple- I’ve been shopping and saving.  I set some goals for myself regarding my blog, youtube and most importantly financial part of my life. For which I am determined to reach.


  1. Save X amount of money
  2. Pay off all credit cards (5k+)
  3. Be conscious of my decisions daily
  4. Increase physical activity
  5. Minimize waste

How to:  (1) Minimize, (2) use what I have and (3) get creative.

I totally enjoy buying new things just like the next person however I’m the person who doesn’t like having a lot of things (i.e clutter). For which I think is what is helping me with my current goal. My choice is to limit consumption by Shop(ping) My Own Closet and save. Really, it’s me using what I have already to achieve the different looks that inspire me. Instead of going out spending money on something every time I see it.

I wanted to share this with you because I know I’m not the only one who has financial goals but don’t want to feel or look like I’m going through a financial crisis. Personally I feel if  you’re going to get up then you should show up, dress up and present the best version of yourself at least majority of the time.

How can you benefit from #ShopMyCloset ?

You can’t live in the world naked,wearing clothes isn’t optional but style- that is a matter of creative choice. -Renee B

I’ve even created a video series and have been sharing it on Youtube. I created this series to share with others my ideas in the hopes they will get creative with their own wardrobe to save and spend money on what they really want. From  paying off a home, student loan or going on their next trip across the world. The options are endless when you’re in control of your funds. As of today I’ve already paid off my credit cards and will be able to tackle my student loans by the New Year.

So join me as I shop my closet, save money and enjoy my creative side as I find fugal ways to stay active. Feel free to share any style ideas, pointers, inspiration and your closet as well.

Below, I’ve share four of my favorite outfits I posted from each season. Let me know what you think. Until next time friends, I’ll be #ActivelyLIVING and #LivingACTIVELY

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