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Finding the Perfect Pair of Heels

As a women on the go in New York City I always want to make sure I’m looking and feeling stylish at all times. Especially since I never know who I might meet. I remember when I was in college and I would go out after… I didn’t always feel dressed for the occasion. Although I didn’t let that stop me from having a good time it made me pay closer attention to what I wore and purchased. I figured if I have pieces in my wardrobe that I enjoyed how they looked on me then I’ll be confident in the way I look. I didn’t always do it in that time but it has stuck with me till this day.

Red Rosewell Pump by Kelly and Katie

As you know I’m always purging my wardrobe, with the intent of saving money and creating the wardrobe I want by first assessing what I already have. Questions of does it fit? do this outfit make me look good? and why am I holding on it? In reviewing my wardrobe I found that my footwear department was and is in desperate need of an upgrade. I found shoes that no longer has a places in my wardrobe. There either worn out, falling apart or dated. I even realized some booties that haven’t been worn resulting in them being tightened. Tip to avoid this is to either wear them in the home or storing them with old clean socks or paper.

With all of that I figured it was a good time to level up my shoe game to help in building my classic wardrobe. I started by researching shoe types and comparing them in; price points, reviews and the cost per wear. Reviews are a good resource, considering the brands I was looking into I wasn’t familiar with and didn’t know how their shoes may be cut. My intention is to incorporate more heels into my weekly attire to take my daily outfits up a notch.

plus size Black girl sitting on steps wearingRed Rosewell Pump by Kelly and Katie

If you’re also in the same position of finding the perfect pair of heels to add to your wardrobe then consider some of these factors. For instance ask yourself; how do you want your outfits to look? what type of shoe will pair well, will it be round or pointed? Consider the shoe material, will it be suede or leather? taking into account the aesthetic of your current and future wardrobe that your building. Next, I want you to determine how do you want to feel in your ideal pair of heels. Yes you read correctly! This will aid in how you choose the type of heel you actually get. Let’s avoid buying any more items that won’t be worn but heels that will be an investment. When determining how I wanted to feel in my shoes, one word came to mind “stable”. Thus the height and heel type I’d choose should be able to help give me that.

Searching and finding the perfect pair of heels had to meet the criteria of being comfortable, versatile, stylish and affordable.

1. Comfort

  • The advantage of being able to stand, dance and walk in this concrete jungle for long period of time.

2. Versatility

  • Having the option of wearing my pair of heels with majority of my outfits.
  • Focus on color and material.

3. Stylish

  • A classic pair of heels will make a statement to any outfit.

4. Affordability

Tip: investing in a good pair of shoes/ heels is important. Remember the price does not always determine longevity.

  • Utilize department stores or stores dedicated to shoes only. They tend to have deals or sales periodically.

Lastly, after my search I was able to find and purchase the Roswell Pump by Kelly & Katie from DSW. This pair of heels was able to meet the criteria I had, just in time for the up coming holidays. Heads up for the Instagram pictures to come that you’ll be able to spot them in. Thanks for reading and share your finds as well.

wearing the perfect heel shoe by Red Rosewell Pump by Kelly and Kaitie

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