plus size black girl wearing summer pink outfit

All About Pink: From Summer to Fall Fashion

Think Pink: Transitioning from Summer to Fall

I asked my self how can I transition simply from Summer to Fall season using items I already own? When I think of the Fall, one of the first things that come to mind, like most of us is cozy socks, warm blankets and a hot drink. And let us not forget the Fall fashion. YesI! the Fall fashion that really mimic what we ‘re experiencing. The transition of nature usually happens in our closets even down to the colors of our clothing pieces. In the past few years, I had a tendency to wear more cognac, black, oranges and reds. Even my texture changed from light cotton pieces to heavy, woven items ranging from  faux leather, faux fur and knitted sweaters.  I decided that was good but I wanted to bring in some color variety this year.

I said to myself..try something knew

plus size black girl wearing fall pink and green outfit

Since I’ve been on my No Buy challenge these last few months I wanted to transition from Summer to Fall wardrobe, utilizing what I already had.  Well, in this case my focus was on adding a bit of color. During this past Summer I found myself enjoying  a shade of pink that was a bit more pastel/mauve. P.S pink is my favorite color but I don’t always like wearing it. I wanted to show that even with this color it can be incorporated in my wardrobe when styled correctly.  Listen, you’re going to see my stomach a bit in this outfit and you know what?! it’s okay.  Tip, for when wearing an outfit that shows a bit of a area you’re not comfortable with. Using the layering technique helps to draw the attention to the whole outfit and not a specific area.

Like I said, I’m trying something knew, and coming out of my comfort zone.

plus size black girl wearing fall pink and green outfit with burgundy floppy hat

Fall Option

       Duster : Burlington

Skirt: Target

Top: Bolton’s

Flats: OldNavy

Hat: Express

Remember, you can mix pieces up I found the tip is adding a Fall color to help bring it into the season. The benefit of the cooler season is that layering is the way to go. Thus, take what you already have and layer it using scarves, faux leather jackets, stocking or a hat. Make your Fall fashion your own this season. Try something new!!

plus size black women wearing pink and burgundy outfit. pink scuba pants from charlotte russe and pink floral top from forever 21

Summer Option

Top: Forever 21

Skirt: Charlotte Russe

Shoes: Old Navy

Bag: Old Navy


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