Transition: Summer to Fall Wardrobe

Not ready to hang up the comfortable and colorful clothes yet? Don’t worry neither am I. I found a lot of good buys this Summer and decided to use them to transition into Fall. Todays outfit comes from Old Navy, I have a tendency to purchase quite a few of my items from there because it’s convenient and affordable. I have yet to travel and not come across an Old Navy store or outlet. This is also why I share it with you all because I enjoy being able to go into a store and touch and/or try on the clothes so I can get a sense of how it will fit. Believe it or not, I don’t care to try on clothes in a dressing room. I literally have to pump myself up to do it; am I the only one?

Any way, I purchased some pieces from Old Navy; pink chino pants and a striped top to be exact. A bit of advise, try on these pants before you purchase them. I believe I could have sized down but it worked out due to the draw string. In wearing it, I tied it as tight as I can to cinch in my waist. I went ahead and cuffed the bottom of my pants and put on some heels and I was ready to go.


Just because the item is meant for total Summer comfort doesn’t mean it can’t have a different role in your Fall wardrobe. I find that I tend to use pink to transition my wardrobe. Add a pair of heels, a funky top and make any item your own as you transition from the Summer to Fall season. There is a place for bright clothing in the Fall season, it all comes down to how it’s being styled. I tend to add darker or neutral colors to my bright pieces to tie everything together. But if you prefer to wear brights on brights go right ahead and have fun with it!

Styling your pieces to be worn in different seasons helps in saving you funds in the long hall. Remember, Old Navy usually has a sale or a list of coupons to choose from on their site; check it out, you’ll think me later.

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