Office Fashion: Bright Clothes at work

Have you ever had bright or colorful clothing pieces that you purchased, only to later realize you had some reservations on how to style it? especially in the work place?

Yeah, that is an area I’m familiar with!

Considering cooler months are here again, well at least my calendar says it’s suppose to be. Here in New York City it’s as if we’re having sunny skies in mid-october. It has been warm and sunny, on and off for the past few weeks. As much as I’m one who enjoys the sun and my summer activities. Something happens when the cool air hits and its officially Fall season.

bright clothing for work

Since I’m unable to break out my  boots I’ve opted to bring some sort of brightness to my professional life. Many of my previous clients would often mention ” we know when it’s dark out, you’re going to come in with something bright”. smiles! oh how I miss my clients. They were absolutely correct, especially when it came to those dreary days. I needed to wear something bright to “bring in some sunshine”, as I would say to them. However, in doing so I had to be mindful, especially at work to not overdo it.

How to wear bright pieces at work

The key for me to keeping my outfit professional is by wearing one bright clothing piece and pairing it with other neutral pieces to bring the look together.  It took me almost a year to figure out how I wanted to wear these Old Navy harper pants. Considering I was on a no buy challenge for majority of last year- I had to figure something out. With being mindful of my silhouette I decided to pair these Old Navy harper pants with a white top from Jcpenney ‘s Worthington collection and tan duster. This outfit would look even more fancy with animal print boots once the temperature is consistently cool. `

Neon old navy harper pants for work

How would you style these Old Navy harper pants?

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