Building My Classic Wardrobe: Invest in a statement piece

Lately I’ve been thinking about how I’ve showed up in my life thus far. I’ve asked my self the tough questions and realized that I haven’t been showing up as my best. Taking the time to reflect; I realized I’ve slowed down in creating the life that I want especially in areas of me #LivingActively, curating my living space and building the classic wardrobe I’ve always wanted. It may sound a bit weird for some, but for me fashion serves as one of my creative outlets.

For years I always had an image of how aesthetically I wanted my style to be but I would push it off. Always thinking about the finances only to realize, these were my own thoughts stopping me.

Dressing up and being active have always been a way for me to spark something within. So by not doing it all out didn’t feel right.

I knew I had to start somewhere …

I decided that I will invest in a few pieces. While sorting through my current wardrobe to fit the classic style I’m curating with a few bold feminine pieces.  Ideally my outfits will be timeless to allow me to fit any occasion while showing my personality.

For my classic wardrobe I definitely wanted a foundation piece that made a statement. I decided to purchase a  Dooney and Burke bag that I’ve been eyeing for some years now. Yes, you read correctly, years! lets just say I ran out of excuses as to why I shouldn’t get it.  The plus side about my purchase was I was able to get it for under $200 at Marshalls.  Which was cost effective  because I’m all about cost per wear when buying any item.  The purse came with its  usually properties such as its serial number to register for if it needs to be serviced and a duster bag. I found that Marshalls, T.J Maxx and Burlington have a lot of similar items since they are under the same company. If you’re interest in investing in a everyday quality purse with out going broke check out these places. I’d recommend viewing their site(s) before going since they may have discounts for signing up to their newsletter.

When considering investing in a purse, there were a few things I factored in. Such as structure, quality, style and versatility. I’m used to having lower end priced purses but after a few years they would fall apart. Dooney and Burke satchel purse gets checks all around. The quality of the leather used gets richer as time goes on. It’s large enough to fit my daily necessities; planners, wallet, camera and beauty goodies without being bulky . The neutral color, size and sleek look makes it a staple to any outfit.

Dooney and Burke Cognac Satchel classic purse from Marshalls

Are you willing to invest in a high quality item for the long term investment ? or do you prefer variety that you get with several low priced purchases ?

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